About Us

Morton Grove Auto & Truck Service has been a local and north suburban favorite. Patrons have been known to continue using our trusted auto repair specialists even though thay have moved up to 50 miles away! This goes to show that as honest and dependable mechanics, we retain our loyal customers!

We are ASE certified. Automotive Service Excellence has a mission to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service through the testing and certification of repair and service professionals.

Bill Sturm

Bill Sturm is the president and has had a passion for auto repair for as long as he can remember. Once he began working professionally in the industry, Bill expanded his knowledge beyond auto repair, learning the specific demands of truck and equipment service as well. Today he excels in both disciplines.

In July of 1986 Bill had the opportunity to manage his own repair shop, taking over a failing Shell 3-bay auto care facility in Niles. Bill and his staff turned the operation around, successfully running the repair facility as well as gasoline sales and a small food mart. When Bill's clientele and business grew too large for that facility, he ended his relationship with Shell in October of 2000, Moving to his current, larger location, and turning his focus solely toward auto and truck service.

Morton Grove Auto and Truck Service reflects Bill's longstanding commitment to providing high quality, affordable auto repair along with outstanding customer service.